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Making Sense of Dementia: Psychoanalytic Perspectives

We believe that psychoanalytically informed ideas can offer an important framework for understanding the experience of dementia, and that the progressive character of the condition means that making sense of the unconscious processes, powerful emotions and interpersonal dynamics becomes the most important aspect of coping with it.

Lacan on Love: An Interview with Bruce Fink

Can psychoanalysis – with ample assistance from philosophers, poets, novelists, and songwriters – give us a new perspective on the wellsprings and course of love? Can it help us fathom how and why we are often looking for love in all the wrong places, and are fundamentally confused about “what love really is”?

Fashion and Psychoanalysis: An international conference

Speakers will address a wide range of themes connecting fashion, clothing, style and the body to psychoanalysis, creativity and unconscious emotional life. The conference will also explore the largely neglected role of fashion in clinical and mental health settings – aiming to address the many idiosyncrasies, taboos and paradoxes involved.

Author’s Talk: Eric Smadja

In Freud and Culture, we explore the representations of society and culture that Freud developed in the course of his work and we shall distinguish two periods.