Freud in Focus 5 Podcast

The Freud Museum's Fifth Series of our podcast ‘Freud in Focus'.

Freud in Focus 5 Podcast

Freud in Focus 5

In this series of Freud in Focus we will be discussing some of the recent exhibitions and events that have taken place at the Freud Museum.

Excerpt of Liebestraum, Franz Liszt, performed by Simone Renzi –


Episode 3 – Freud and Latin America

In this episode, Tom welcomes back Jamie Ruers to the programme, and they discuss the current Freud Museum exhibition Freud and Latin America, which she curated.

Episode 2 – Shame in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

In the episode, Tom is joined by Professor Roman Gerodimos, Professor Candida Yates, and Mark Leipacher of The Faction, who reflect on an event held at the Freud Museum which explored the theme of Shame in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Episode 1 – Tracing Freud on the Acropolis

In this episode Tom is in conversation with Marina Maniadaki about how Freud’s famous letter to Romain Rolland, entitled a ‘Disturbance of Memory on the Acropolis’, inspired her curation of our recent exhibition Tracing Freud on the Acropolis.


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