Freud in Focus Podcast

We are launching a brand new podcast which will look in-depth at some of Freud's key texts in a discussion format.

Freud In Focus

Freud in Focus

The Freud Museum London is launching a brand new podcast called ‘Freud in Focus’ which will look in-depth at some of Freud’s key texts in a discussion format. The series will be presented by Tom DeRose and Jamie Ruers.

In the first five episodes, we will look at one of Freud’s most influential and controversial texts, Beyond the Pleasure Principle which was published in 1920. Starting with close readings of the text itself, we will then go on to think about its relevance for us today in the 21st-century.

The first episode will be aired Wednesday, 17th February 2021 and a new episode will be released every other Wednesday.

Series Producer: Karolina Heller


Episode 2

In the second part of our new podcast series we’ll be diving into the central part of the text, in which Freud discusses the ‘compulsion to repeat’. We’ll also be focussing on the concept of Speculation in Freud’s work, and trace a pathway to the appearance of the new Dual Instinct Theory.


Episode 1

In the first part of our new podcast series, we’ll be exploring the historical context of Freud’s ground-breaking work ‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle’, and discussing some of the prominent themes arising from the first 2 chapters, including Freud’s famous account of the ‘fort-da’ game.





17 February 2021
What is the Pleasure Principle? Why Beyond?

3 March 2021
Biology, Speculation and the Compulsion to Repeat

17 March 2021
The New Dual Instinct Theory, and the Appearance of the Death Drive

31 March 2021
Freud and Pandemic 1920/2020 Exhibition

14. April 2021
How has Psychoanalysis Responded to the Covid-19 Pandemic?



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