The Freud Museum


Sophie Calle

Sophie Calle Installation: “Appointment”

“Our improvised roadside marriage in Las Vegas didn’t allow me the chance to fulfil a secret dream that I share with so many women: to one day, wear a wedding dress”


  1. What is your favourite part of the installation?
  2. What section do you think Freud would have found the most interesting?
  3. What is the most evocative object in the installation?
  4. What is the most intriguing object?

    What is the most inaccessible object?
  5. How does the installation change the “atmosphere” of the Freud Museum?
  6. What element in the exhibition would you say is most relevant to Freud’s work? Why?
  7. Freud said that dreams represent the fulfilment of a 'wish'.

    If this installation were a dream, what is the wish you can find expressed in it?



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