This learning session tells the story of one of Freud’s most famous cases.

Format: Zoom meeting OR in-person session
Duration: 60 minutes
Cost: £150 (in person, plus admission)* / £100 (online)**
Suitability: KS5***
Availability: Monday-Friday

* in-person sessions can be booked as part of a learning visit
** reductions available for multiple classes
*** can be tailored to KS4 and HE students

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Herbert Graf (‘Little Hans’) in the 1930s. Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Session description

Little Hans was just five years old when he developed an intense fear of horses.

His parents consulted with Sigmund Freud, who later published a study of Hans’ phobia, claiming that it supported his controversial theory of the Oedipus complex.

This session will bring Freud’s case study to life. Guided by a subject expert, participants will examine the case material and Freud’s interpretation of it.

In this session:

  • Who was the real Little Hans?
  • What was going on in Hans’ life when he developed his phobia?
  • What was he saying and doing that interested Freud?
  • What were Freud’s key claims?

There were 70,000 horses in Vienna when Little Hans developed his phobia.

The case study is open to criticism, but it also shows that Freud was thinking extremely carefully about the emotional worlds of children.

Is Freud’s case an example of bad psychology, or was Freud onto something?

No prior knowledge is required, but if you have already discussed Freud in class we can build on what you have already covered.

Feedback on this session

“The students really enjoyed it. There was a great buzz in the room”

“Really lucky to have an expert who gave a real insight to Freud’s work. It definitely clarified my thinking on Freud’s theory.”

Made to measure!

‘The Curious Case of Little Hans’ has been devised as an enrichment session for A Level Psychology students, but can be tailored for KS4 and HE students, either as an introduction to the case or to consolidate classroom learning.

We use a flexible format and adjust each session to the interests and abilities of each group. Let us know your requirements when you book!

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