Objects in Mind: Maggi Hambling’s Self-Portrait

24 November 2010 to 27 February 2011

Maggi Hambling's Self-Portrait at the Freud Museum

Self Portrait by Maggi Hambling

Hambling’s exhibition explores people and objects, featuring photographs of artists in their studios by Eamonn McCabe. In partnership with the National Portrait Gallery.

Objects in Mind is inspired by the loan from the National Portrait Gallery of Maggi Hambling’s spectacular self-portrait. Just as Freud surrounded himself with antiquities, the artist portrays herself as though pausing for thought in her studio, surrounded by objects from her memory and imagination.

This loan is part of an exhibition which explores why we surround ourselves with objects, what they mean and what they say about us, while Sigmund Freud’s own visit to the National Portrait Gallery in 1908 is brought to life in a display by artist Robert Poulter. A series of photographs of artists in their studios by Eamonn McCabe, amongst others Grayson Perry, Paula Rego and Chris Ofili, are also included in this show.