Lauren Ariel Bon – From a Distance

27 November 1997 to 21 December 1997

In 1994 Lauren Bon designed the stage set for a production of Beckett’s A Piece of Monologue.

This play inspired her exhibition of sculpture and drawings in the Freud Museum.

The sculptures are at first shadowed through screens. Layers of material – wax, wood, resin, glass or copper – form layers whose sense depends on how far we stand from them. As the artist wrote of Beckett:

“The image appears too far and too close for one to get a clear view. One sees from a distance, like from a boat through a telescope, and then from so close that detaisl blur into abstraction… My sculpture addresses those very themes. Each sculpture is both an object and its likeness. The materials I use suggest an ameteriality akin to the diminishing light of the theatre production…  What is tangible resides in the mind. Ultimately, what is cast off in shadow or flight is as important as the object itself. We construct our identities through deconstruction of our histories, our projections, our hopes and our fears. At each stage, at each moment, everything depends on our vantage point, our distance.”