East London Printmakers – Dreams

3 March 2011 to 10 April 2011

An exhibition inspired by dreams, the unconscious and aspects of Sigmund and Anna Freud’s lives and theories, by 60 printmaking artists associated with the studio East London Printmakers.

Fabio Coruzzi

The works on show will consist of 2D prints, installation, sculpture, moving image, artist books and printed textiles, many of which will be woven into the permanent display of the Freud Museum.

Click on the artists names below to listen to their exclusive interviews by Judith Symons, psychotherapist and fellow ‘Dreams’ artist.

Gavin TurkWuon Gean HoMarcelle HanselaarSteve Edwards. Janet Patterson.

The exhibits include prints by Marcelle Hanselaar, Fabio Coruzzi, Chris Pig, Wuon Gean Ho (Printmaker’s Council Prize UK 2009), Katie Jones (Birgit Skiold Memorial Trust Award 2010), Sumi Perera (Best Overall Book Prize and the Portnall Award, Society of Bookbinders 2009) and guest artists Gavin Turk and Dexter Dalwood. Works can be purchased.

Artistic coordination: Katja Rosenberg and Steve Edwards.

“I have always thought of making art as a form of wakeful dreaming, as a process that does not answer to the rigid formulas of the logician but to the emotional truths peculiar to each artist.” Excerpt from an accompanying essay by Siri Hustvedt


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East London Printmakers (ELP) is a group of contemporary artist-printmakers based in Hackney. ELP manage a spacious and modern printmaking studio, which provides an open access facility for printmakers, and run workshops, residencies and educational programmes for its members and the general public.

The group has exhibited in the V&A Museum of Childhood, Bankside Gallery, the Tea Building, the Princes Foundation, London’s City Hall [Space] Gallery and Spike Island in Bristol and has also travelled shows to Germany, France and Italy. An exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum is in the planning. Ever interested in further exploring traditional and modern printmaking techniques as an art form, East London Printmakers are always interested in meeting other groups and artists for artistic exchange and collaboration. Exhibiting at the Freud Museum London is a fantastic opportunity for the artists to experiment with 3D objects and installation as well as print on paper and exhibiting work in situ.

Participating artists:

Jacki Baxter
Anne Black
Lynne Blackburn
Jenny Blanchard
Debbie Booth
Victoria Browne
Ann Cattrall
Marta Claret
Georgina Colbeck
Liz Collini
Fabio Coruzzi
Dexter Dalwood
Martin Davidson
Frances Earnshaw
Steve Edwards
Ferha Farooqui
Tina Fock
Lydie Gallais
Amy Garner
Jean Gibbins
Katy Goutefangea
Julia Hamilton
Marcelle Hanselaar
Pam Hare
Wuon Gean Ho
Claire Hynds
Katie Jones
Chiharu Kaido
Victoria Kirk
Katherina Manolessou
Frances Murray
Miriam Nabarro
Louiz Kirkebjerg
Ann Norfield
Janet Patterson
Stephanie Pau
Daniella Perera
Sumi Perera
Chris Pig
Bill Pryde
Venessa Pugh
Rachel Ramirez
Peter Rapp
Margaret Roberts
Janet Robinson
Eleanor Rogers
Katja Rosenberg
Alke Schmidt
Krystyna Shackleton
Linda Simmonds
Judith Symons
Shiho Takizawa
Amanda Taylor
Gavin Turk
Maureen Valfort
Catherine Walsh
Rosalind Whitman
Janet Wilson
Johanna Zhang