The Freud Museum



Psychoanalytic Quiz

From the evidence you can find in Freud's study and the rest of the house, where do you think he got his ideas from?

2. Look at the small filing cabinet at the bottom of the stairs. Each drawer contains objects and is labelled with a Freudian concept.

Take one object and explain its relationship to that concept.
How does the same object relate to one of the other drawers?

3. Look carefully at the Family Tree on the upstairs landing.

What evidence can you find about events of the first five years of Freud’s life, which may have influenced the development of his work?

4. Choose one of the videos from ‘Sissi in Analysis’ (video installation)

What can you discover about the relationship between Sissi and her analyst?
What does it tell you about Sissi’s relationship to herself?

5. Look at the dreams scattered around the museum.

What do these dreams tell you about Freud’s relationship to either his mother or his father or his children?

6. Freud said that dreams represent the disguised fulfilment of a wish.

If Freud's study was a dream what is the wish you can find expressed in it?

still from Sissi in Analysis

still from Sissi in Analysis

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