Solve All of Life’s Puzzles with the Freud Museum Shop

Solve all of life’s puzzles with the Freud Museum Shop. Watch our annual Christmas advert.

Solve All of Life’s Puzzles

Our annual Freud Museum Shop Christmas video has arrived! In this year’s instalment, our hero, the Little Thinker, is struggling to complete our fiendishly difficult Wolfman’s Dream Jigsaw Puzzle. He asks our collection of replicas for help but they are also confused… He decides to sleep on it and picks up a copy of Muriel Gardiner’s biography Code Name ‘Mary’ to read in bed. Wearing his Wolfman Sleep Mask, he drifts off and dreams of the exploits of Code Name ‘Mary’. He wakes up inspired by his dream and discovers the answer to the puzzle behind the curtains that hang in his study.

This year our Christmas video was inspired by our current exhibition Code Name Mary: The extraordinary life of Muriel Gardiner, and was produced by our Photographer and Digital Media Producer Karolina Heller, and our Online Shop Coordinator Martin Bladh. Special thanks go to William Ratnage for composing the music to the dream sequence.


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