Broadcast 29 January, 2022. Duration: 5 hours 6 minutes

2022 marks the 20th Anniversary of Edward Said’s important lecture at the Freud Museum London entitled ‘Freud and the Non-European’.

Focusing on Freud’s final completed work ‘Moses and Monotheism’, Said’s controversial reading of Freud’s equally controversial text was published by Verso books in 2003, and also proved to be Said’s final published work.

In this international conference we will seek to revisit Said’s lecture and explore some of the latent themes within the text; to treat it contrapuntally by amplifying some of the latent voices it contains. We will also explore certain ‘elective affinities’ between the two thinkers, taking a trans-disciplinary approach, in order to open up new ground for discussion and provoke inter-disciplinary exchange.

The conference will be introduced by Jacqueline Rose, respondent to Edward Said at the original event. Themes addressed will include the importance of ‘geography’, both physical and imaginary, for the functioning of identity; the repression and return of Freud in Said’s works; Said’s sustained interest in a theory of the mind; and the importance of music as a tool for thinking and for encouraging cultural dialogue.


Speakers and Chairs to include:

Prof. Jacqueline Rose, Birkbeck University, London – Introductory Panel

Mariam Said, The Barenboim-Said Academy, The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra – Introductory Panel

Prof. Timothy Brennan, University of Minnesota – Freud and the Arab Mind

Prof. Stephen Sheehi, Wellesley College – Theory as a Stone

Asst. Prof. Lara Sheehi, The George Washington University – Theory as a Stone

Dr. Beverley Butler, UCL, London – Heritage Syndromes and/as Archaeologies of the Mind and Place – Freud, Petrie and Said

Dr. Robert Beshara – Northern New Mexico College, Edward Said: Psychoanalyst of Cultures

Prof. Gohar Homayounpour, Shahid Besheti University Tehran, Psychoanalyst- Chair

Dr. Heba Zaphiriou-Zarifi, Senior Analytical Psychologist- Chair

Freud and Said biographies.

Freud and Said abstracts.

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