Where We Are Now: Psychoanalytic Research in the 21st Century – Slade School of Fine Art

11 March 2015 to 26 April 2015

Engaging with contemporary issues to explore how psychoanalytic ideas are currently used in research.

Six young artists from the Slade School of Fine Art have been commissioned to produce work that contests misconceptions and clichés about psychoanalytic research, and emphasises the discipline’s relevance to 21st century life.

Their work is inspired by research carried out at the UCL Psychoanalysis Unit, which investigates topics ranging from tattooing to technology, the arts, the economy, and mental and physical health.

The Psychoanalysis Unit

The Psychoanalysis Unit’s mission is to break the mould of traditional approaches to psychoanalysis, taking inspiration from the discipline’s ideas to meet modern challenges. Thier truly interdisciplinary research draws on a wide range of research methods and theoretical perspectives taken from neuroscience and clinical trials, anthropology, economics and history.

Artwork by Stefano Cozzi, Maud Craigie, Yvonne Feng, Rie Marsden, Goia Mujalli, Eiko Soga.

Find out more about the artworks here UCL: Where We Are Now