This page will tell you more about our online sessions.

Our most frequently asked questions are answered below, but please feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss things further.

How do I book an online session?

Submit a booking form and we’ll get back to you to firm up the booking.

How much to online sessions cost?

We charge £60 per session and there is no limit on the number of participants (within reason).

However, bespoke and out-of-hours sessions are delivered by our staff on a freelance basis. For these sessions there is an additional fee of £70 to cover the facilitator’s additional time and work.

Who are online sessions for?

Our online sessions have been devised as an enrichment session for A Level Psychology students, but can be tailored for a various different ages and abilities.

We use a flexible format and adjust each session to the age, interests and abilities of each group. Let us know your requirements when you book.

When are online sessions available?

Online sessions are subject to the availability of our education staff but we can in principle deliver them during class time or out of school hours.

Do we need to watch as a class or can we join individually from home?

We can cater to whatever is most convenient for you and your students.

What platform do you use?

We generally use Zoom meetings for our online sessions. If your students are joining individually they will be able to see and hear each other on screen, although they are welcome to switch off their cameras and microphones.

How many students can you accommodate in an online session?

We can accommodate up to 100 but recommend a maximum of 30.

What are the technical requirements?

Each attendee will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone capable of running Zoom. A camera is recommended but not required.

What safeguarding measures are in place?

Our online safeguarding policy outlines the measures in place to protect the safety and privacy of online session participants. Please contact us for more information.