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Anna Freud

Jade brooch. A gift from Sigmund Freud to his daughter Anna.

Jade brooch. A gift from Sigmund Freud to his daughter Anna.


UK Patrons’ Circle

We want to make the visitor’s experience of Sigmund and Anna Freud’s last home vivid, challenging, and memorable. Improvements are planned to the access and care of our unrivalled collection. We will be providing ways for first-time and returning visitors to engage imaginatively with the Freudian legacy. Cutting edge exhibitions, both historic and contemporary; regular talks and discussions with leading writers and thinkers, an inventive education programme plus better interpretation are all in the pipelines.

As an independent museum with charitable status, we do not receive government funding; instead we rely on our own resources and the generosity of our supporters. By becoming a Patron you will not only help us to deliver our development plans and secure the long-term sustainability of this unique museum; you will also have the opportunity to be involved in shaping our future. Help us preserve the Freud family’s memory and make the museum a place for engagement, debate and enquiry.

If you would like to become a Patron or find out more, please contact Carol Seigel, Director on +44 (0)20 7435 2002, or email

We are most grateful for donations to the Conservation Fund from:

The AKO Foundation, who funded the conservation of Freud's couch

And to the following people whose donations will enable us to conserve the most important and fragile items in Freud's collection of antiquities and begin raising funds for a new Centre for Research, Archives and Education:

Anonymous donors
Gerald M Lurie
Lord David Freud
Dr Alyson Elliman
Mr Nate Koser
Mr Peter Haugen
Mr Stephen Metcalfe
Mrs Susan Kahn
La Societe Internationale d'histoire de la Psychiatrie et de la Psychanalyse
Liceo Artistico (School of Arts) Enrico e Umberto Nordio, Trieste, Italy

We are very grateful for donations towards the 2012 Redevelopment of the Museum from:

Sigrid Rausing & Eric Abraham
John Cleese
Serena Yang
Judith A Nowak MD
Masahisa Nishizono MD
Steven & Joan Fogel
The College of Psychoanalysts UK
The Association of Japanese Clinicial Psychology
The Japanese Psychoanalytical Association

We are also most grateful to our generous Founding Donors:

The New-Land Foundation Inc
SH and Helen R Scheuer Family Foundation
Betty Ann Stedman
Deanna Holtzman PhD
Jeanne Lampl-de-Groot PhD
Judith A Nowak MD
Robert J Stoller MD
Phyllis Tyson PhD
Robert L Tyson PhD
Division of Psychoanalysis, American Psychological Association
Columbia Foundation
David Crocker MD
Erba Foundation
Harris Foundation
Rita J & Stanley H Kaplan Foundation Inc
Mr & Mrs EM Lippett
Anna Maenchen PhD
Haskell F Norma MD
Standford and Helen Berger
Dr Luciano Bolzani
Canadian Psychoanalytic Society
Distribution Fund
Gene Gordon MD
Sanford M Izner MD
Monique V King MD
Richard C King
Dr Lotte Köhler
Dr Ann Leiser
Alexander H Levi PhD
Drs Gerald and Nadine Levinson
Nancy E Miller PhD
John E Schowalter MD
Sara S Tucker MD
Dr and Mrs Heiman van Dam
Dr and Mrs Edward M Weinshel
Peter F Wohlauer MD  

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