The Ethno-Psychoanalytic Approach: Exploring Social Life In Botswana, Lesotho and Malawi

26 October 2016 to 30 October 2016

Maria Saur

Celebrating Black History Month with a pop-up interactive photographic exhibition portraying social life in Southern Africa

Curated by Social Anthropologist & Photographer Maria Saur.

Research participant Chief Kulaya, Malawi stated:

“I learned a lot by talking with you [Saur], not that you said much, but it made me reflect on the things that have happened to us – which helped me to better come to terms with them; and maybe approach some things differently in future.”

Maria Saur has published & exhibited in Southern Africa and Europe.

The exhibition is accompanied by a talk on Saur’s ethno-psychoanalytic research on relational dynamics.