Tall Tales

15 April 2016 to 29 May 2016

Tall Tales : Mixed Artists

Tall Tales brings together 17 international women artists who employ storytelling techniques in the making of their work.

Stories have been shared for centuries across every culture as a means of entertainment, cultural preservation and education. The artists in Tall Tales use storytelling techniques to toy with our perception of myth, reality, the public and private, ideas on difference, as well as questioning our assumptions. Their works reveal uncanny scenarios, sometimes addressing   personal stories, but more broadly, issues pertinent to society at large, and what we might call ‘the human experience’.

Tall Tales features works and performance commissions by Ruth Barker and Beth Collar, developed following Tall Tales residencies in London and Glasgow in 2014.

Ruth Barker, Glass, Blinded To The Room (2016) © the Artist

Ruth Barker presents Glass, Blinded To The Room, a video and installation work for Anna Freud’s desk, and a new performance commission, The Foot Exerts a Pressure On The Surface Of The Glass, staged in the Freud family dining room. Whilst speculating on the nature of memory, improvising questions and asking the audience to silently revisit their dreams, Barker asks museum staff to insert objects from the Freud collection into her performance.

Nicky Bird, Beth Collar, Alison Erika Forde, Sarah Forrest, Rachel Goodyear, Oona Grimes, Lila De Magalhaes, Laure Prouvost, and Ma Qiusha, also exhibit work throughout the museum.


Tall Tales was national touring exhibition also visiting Swiss Cottage Gallery & Library, London and Tavistock Clinic, London; Touchstones Rochdale and Rochdale Central Library; and Glasgow Women’s Library.

Curated and produced by wewioraprojects