Secrets of the Soul

5 April 2017 to 7 May 2017

Secrets of the Soul

Secrets of the Soul is a new exhibition of works commissioned by UCL’s Psychoanalysis Unit that explores the significance of secrets in psychic life and in psychoanalysis.

Secrets of the Soul Ishwari Bhalerao

Six young artists from the Slade School of Fine Art and the University of the Arts London have produced pieces that reflect on the fascination of secrets, meditating on art’s capacity both to reveal and conceal, and challenging Freud’s conviction that ‘no mortal can keep a secret’ from a psychoanalytically trained observer.

A linked one-day event bringing writers, artists and psychoanalysts into dialogue about secrets in art, mind and psychoanalysis will take place at UCL on Saturday 8th April.

The Psychoanalysis Unit

The Psychoanalysis Unit’s mission is to break the mould of traditional approaches to psychoanalysis, taking inspiration from the discipline’s ideas to meet modern challenges. Our truly interdisciplinary research draws on a wide range of research methods and theoretical perspectives taken from neuroscience and clinical trials, anthropology, economics and history.

We run a PhD in Psychoanalytic Studies with over 25 doctoral students and also run four MSc courses. We aim to share the latest psychoanalytic ideas and run regular conferences and an interdisciplinary programme with lectures and seminars open to all members of the university and wider community. We have a number of national and international affiliations, including the Anna Freud Centre, the Menninger Clinic and leading scholars at Yale and Harvard Universities.

Artwork by Ishwari Bhalerao, Li Yang, W.K. Lyhne, Sarah Gracie, Yi Zhang and Zoe Forster.

Learn more about the artworks here UCL: Secrets of the Soul