Past Exhibitions

Myths in Mind

This exhibition gave visitors the chance to see some of Freud’s most precious antiquities at closer quarters, and put them in the context of myth and legend to which they belong.

Oliver Clegg – A Knight’s Move

The title comes from Freud’s earliest reference to chess in Studies on Hysteria (1893) where he relates the complex, zigzagging, move of the Knight to the twists and turns of the human mind in psychoanalysis.

Sharon Kivland – Freud Dreams of Rome

An exhibition of 11 prints from Freud on Holiday

“Thought is after all nothing but a substitute for a hallucinatory wish …”
Sharon Kivland’s prints above the stairwell at the Freud Museum show us a Rome we have never seen before.

William Cobbing – Gradiva Project

William Cobbing’s solo exhibition ‘Gradiva Project’ at The Freud Museum incorporates new sculpture, installation and video that refer to the Gradiva bas-relief displayed in Freud’s study.

Gradiva: The Cure Through Love

Freud as archaeological literary critic. When the surrealists opened an art gallery in Paris in 1937, they called it Gradiva as a tribute to Freud and his essay ‘Delusions and Dreams in Jensen’s Gradiva’