Past Exhibitions

Freud and Eros: Love, Lust and Longing

Please note: the contemporary art element of this exhibition closes on Sunday 8 March, however Freud's writings, artefacts and love letters will be on display until Sunday 26 April 2015.

Why War?

On the anniversary of the onset of World War One, this exhibition revisits the little known correspondence between Einstein and Freud on the subject of war and the possibility of avoiding it.

Lucian Freud as a Child

A new small-scale temporary display in the Dining Room at the Freud Museum offers a rare opportunity to see letters and drawings by Lucian Freud as a child.

Calman meets Freud

Mel Calman (1931–1994) was best known for his cartoons on the front pages of The Times and The Sunday Times for many years.

Mad, Bad and Sad: Women and the Mind Doctors

What does a woman want?
Sigmund Freud’s famous question was originally put to Princess Marie Bonaparte, patient, friend and analyst, the moving force behind Freud’s flight from Nazi Vienna to his final home in London, now the Freud Museum London.