Past Exhibitions

Patricio Forrester – Hmmm…

Forrester’s work has become the focus on increasing attention since he started unofficially exhibiting his art-to-wear in London galleries.

Sarah Lucas – The Pleasure Principle

It is as if, with the master gone, those dirty dreams his patients revealed to him with so much shame have come to life, capering through the musty rooms in a lewd parade.

Maurice Owen – Burial

The exhibition room was plunged into darkness for the duration of Maurice Owen’s exhibition, Burial, shown throughout the summer of 1999.

Werner Reiterer – Trousers for the Brain

Werner Reiterer’s soft interventions could not have found a more appropriate setting than the Freud Museum: a house already inhabited by charged objects, things displaced in time and in space, things offered for contemplation and open to question.

Ian Walker – Freud & Sambo

A rough but not inadequate analogy to this supposed relation of conscious to unconscious activity might be drawn from the field of ordinary photography.

Susan Hiller – After the Freud Museum

Created for the Freud Museum in 1994 as part of Book Works multi-site project, Susan Hiller's great work After the Freud Museum, has been a remarkable popular and critical success wherever it has been shown.