Past Exhibitions

Maurice Owen – Burial

The exhibition room was plunged into darkness for the duration of Maurice Owen’s exhibition, Burial, shown throughout the summer of 1999.

Werner Reiterer – Trousers for the Brain

Werner Reiterer’s soft interventions could not have found a more appropriate setting than the Freud Museum: a house already inhabited by charged objects, things displaced in time and in space, things offered for contemplation and open to question.

Ian Walker – Freud & Sambo

A rough but not inadequate analogy to this supposed relation of conscious to unconscious activity might be drawn from the field of ordinary photography.

Susan Hiller – After the Freud Museum

Created for the Freud Museum in 1994 as part of Book Works multi-site project, Susan Hiller's great work After the Freud Museum, has been a remarkable popular and critical success wherever it has been shown.