Dream Weaving

15 September 2010 to 3 October 2010

A community tapestry project for everyone and their dreams.

“Past, present and future are strung together, as it were, on the thread of the wish that runs through them.”
Sigmund Freud ‘Creative writers and daydreaming’ (1908)

In September 2010 the museum was happy to transform the Anna Freud Room to display two art works produced as part of the Dream Weaving Project, which ran from April to July of 2010 in venues across Camden.

This two-part project brought together the thoughts and rituals of the Freud Museum London’s two historic personalities: Sigmund and Anna Freud. The slow and rhythmic activity of weaving allows your mind to wander and be filled with thoughts, much like dreaming or the ‘free association’ that Sigmund Freud asked of his patients in therapeutic sessions. His daughter, Anna Freud, was a pioneer of Child Psychoanalysis as well as a keen weaver who, it is said, composed her psychoanalytic papers while working on her loom.