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29/11/17 - 04/02/18
So this is the Strong Sex: Early Women Psychoanalysts

13/09/17 - 26/11/17
The Genesis Speech
Toby Ziegler

19/07/17 - 10/09/17
Play and Psychoanalysis at the Freud Museum London

10/05/17 - 16/07/17
'The Best Possible School': Anna Freud, Dorothy Tiffany Burlingham and the Hietzing School in 1920s Vienna

10/05/17 - 16/07/17
Sleeping Beauty
Franko B

05/04/17 - 07/05/17
Secrets of the Soul
Students from the Slade School of Fine Art and University of the Arts London

22/02/17 - 07/05/17
Temporarily Accessioned: Freud’s Coat Revisited
Paul Coldwell

21/12/16 - 15/01/17
The Ethno-Psychoanalytic Approach: Exploring Social Life In Botswana, Lesotho and Malawi
Maria Saur

23/11/16 - 19/02/17
The Case Histories
Martin Wilner

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