The Freud Museum

Exhibition Archive

3 June 2016 - 17 July 2016

Bettina von Zwehl

Invitation to Frequent the Shadows

Invitation to Frequent the Shadows is a new exhibition by Bettina von Zwehl responding to the archive of Anna Freud. The work quietly infiltrates the stairwell, study and upstairs rooms of the Museum with the delicate small silhouettes of a young girl, shadowy portraits of women and an immersive light installation.


Von Zwehl is the first artist to respond directly to the archive of Anna Freud and Invitation to Frequent the Shadows evolved from a residency undertaken by the artist at the Museum from 2013 to 2014. The exhibition is also an homage to the artist’s closest friend, Natalie Ciletti, a child psychoanalyst who died tragically in 2009.

The exhibition is curated by Clare Grafik.

Bettina von Zwehl lives and works in London, and is best known for her subtle, distinctive photographic portraits. Her work has featured in many exhibitions including at the National Portrait Gallery, The Photographers’ Gallery and Victoria and Albert Museum in London and galleries and museums in Europe and the USA.

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