The Freud Museum

Exhibition Archive

11 July 2010 - 29 August 2010

Judy Goldhill

Lauderdale Mansions, Ha'atzmaut

In this small photographic exhibition, Judy Goldhill's photographs represent place and home and make visible the cultural memories attached to them.

Although a very different tale to that of Sigmund Freud’s movement from Vienna to Hampstead, the story of the artist's aunt, Anne Schwab’s, change of home from Lauderdale Mansions in London to the Ha’atzmaut housing development in Tel Aviv’s outskirts shares a narrative of displacement. Anne Schwab, having fled Nazi Germany at a young age, arrived in London and eventually settled in the mansion flat where she lived with her family for fifty years.

"I felt drawn to document her North London flat, with all its books and its stimmung , days before her belongings were to be packed up, and shipped to Israel. I subsequently photographed her, settled in Israel with her belongings where she has moved to be reunited her daughters." Judy Goldhill

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