25th Anniversary Art Auction

20 October 2011 to 20 November 2011

A fundraising art auction as part of the celebrations surrounding Freud Museum London’s  25th anniversary.

Exhibitions of work by contemporary artists have been an important strand in the Museum’s programme for many years. Artists welcome the opportunity to respond to Freud’s home, collections and ideas, and the Museum has benefited from the creative energy that these artists have brought into the house.

Artworks kindly donated by the following artists who have exhibited at, or given their support to the Museum:

Judith Alder, Alice Anderson, Santiago Borja, Christie Brown, Jack Catling, Brian Chalkley, William Cobbing, Paul Coldwell, Anne Deguelle, Michele Fletcher, Patricio Forrester, Kathleen Fox, Solveigh Goett, Judy Goldhill, Antony Gormley, John Goto, Sarah Grainger-Jones, Maggi Hambling, Ollie Harrop, Susan Hiller, Andy Hope 1930, Sharon Kivland, Vivienne Koorland, Annie Leibowitz, Linda Lencovic, Barbara Loftus, Caroline May, Jane McAdam Freud, Frances Murray, Maurice Owen, Katja Rosenberg, Martin Rowson, Nike Savvas, Josie Smith, Emma Jane Spain, lili Spain, Emilia Telese, John Timberlake, Alison Watt, Rachel Wilberforce and Helen Wilks.

Kindly supported by Canonbury Arts Ltd