The Freud Museum

Exhibition Archive

15 April 2000 - 7 May 2000

Patricio Forrester


Forrester’s work has become the focus on increasing attention since he started unofficially exhibiting his art-to-wear in London galleries. His customised jackets, trousers, ties and shirts were worn by guests, hijacking art openings and events. Witty slogans, trompe l’oeil painting and pop images transform these everyday garments. He has exhibited at Saatchi’s, the Serpentine, the Hayward and the Whitechapel Gallery as well as the Sao Paulo and Liverpool biennales (all without permission), and the Freud Museum.

The central work in hmmm… at the Freud Museum addressed the tensions between speech and silence that are essential for the analytic encounter in a sound piece hmmm… - the noise an analyst makes when listening to a patient. Other works included The Freudian Slip and Be Nice.

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