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19 August 2017

The Mimetic Memory Bank: Playing With Our Memories

Drop-in Workshop for all ages

The Mimetic Memory Bank is a creative, fun and experiential installation exploring our individual past and future by playing with our memories of PLAY, created by The School of Play.

The Memory Bank will be accepting deposits, donations and investments of PLAY memories from 1-3.30pm. You get to choose which memories you want to bring to life by creating memory coins. We will then play with them to explore their significance and relevance to your life.

About the Session

  • Recollect and share one or more PLAY memory.
  • Explore a memory, its significance and relevance to your present and future.
  • Draw inspiration from other people's memories.
  • Learn how to use a memory to enable a future goal.

This workshop is part of an exciting series of events which coincide with our 'Psychoanalysis and PLAY' exhibition, which runs from 19 July - 10 September 2017.

Portia Tung is a personal and executive coach, storyteller and wishmaker. Her pursuit to help people realise more of their potential has led to the pleasant yet all together unexpected discovery that play is essential for the lifelong development of adults and not only children. Portia's research on play has led her to live a more playful life, so much so that she has managed to dream The School of Play into existence.

Portia extends the power of personal and group coaching techniques by incorporating play, play science and humour to activate creative thinking and playfulness so that we can face seemingly impossible challenges and achieve seemingly impossible things.

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