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16 April 2016
12pm (duration 30mins)

The Foot Exerts a Pressure On The Surface of The Glass, Ruth Barker

A Tall Tales Performance

Ruth Barker is a Glasgow based artist who works with text and performance. Her practice throws together moments of strange poetry and autobiographical sketches, with echoes of humanity's oldest stories. Her performances, on first examination, foreground the artist’s own daily experiences and the quotidian narratives of life in contemporary Scotland (shopping lists from Lidl, Hovis bread with cut crusts, plastic bags, stubbled legs and the TV news). However, the work regularly suggests echoes of the larger, longer stories of our own mortality, our sense of self, and our internalisation of ancient myth.

In 2014 Ruth Barker undertook a Tall Tales research residency with the Tavistock Library and art programme. Ruth has also spent a period with the Freud Museum London and their collection.

The results of Ruth Barker's residency are two new works, an installation Glass, Blinded to the Room and a new performance The Foot Exerts a Pressure On The Surface of The Glass developed specifically for Freud Museum London in its 30th anniversary year.

Ticket holders are welcome to attend the associated Tale Tales panel discussion at 2pm:

Makers and scribblers: explorers of desire, fear and everything in between - with Oona Grimes, Rachel Goodyear, Carol Seigel, Dr Cleo Van Velsen, chaired by Jeremy Akerman



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