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29 February 2016 - 6 March 2016

Museums and Wellbeing Week

Events at the Freud Museum

For the First National Museums and Wellbeing Week, the Freud Museum will be holding a number of talks, workshops and activities related to psychological wellbeing. Freud famously said that his intention was to 'turn hysterical misery into common unhappiness', and he argued that 'psychical conflcit' was an unavoidable part of being human. Psychoanalysis is not intended as a path to 'happiness', but, sometimes with a little help, we can begin to unravel the knots.

Wednesday, 2nd March 2pm
Freud, Health and Wellbeing Tour
Join Emilia Raczkowska of the Freud Museum’s education team to explore Freud’s far-reaching views on health, happiness and wellbeing, and hear about the great man’s own little joys and sorrows, as you tour his final home and its magnificent collections full of inspiring stories of suffering and recovery.

Thursday, 3rd March 2pm
Dream Interpretation Workshop
Sigmund Freud observed not only that dreams could be interpreted, but also that their interpretation held the key to profound psychological distress, which the work of analysis could release. Join Stefan Marianski of the Freud Museum for an interactive workshop, retracing Freud’s work with a dream taken from one of his most famous cases, and bring Freud’s method to bear on your own dreams.

Saturday, 5th March 2:30pm
Unravel These Knots
Join artist Emma Talbot for a tour of her exhibition ‘Unravel These Knots’, currently on display at the Museum, followed by an open discussion. Listen to Emma’s personal story and share your own experiences of loss and love, dreams and sexual desire. Come and explore the therapeutic aspect of creative engagement with the workings of the dreaming mind.

Wednesday, 2nd March – Sunday, 6th March
Knotting Up: On-Site Art Activity

Psychoanalysis teaches us to stay with problems a little longer, to understand their sources and meaning.
Join us at the Museum anytime during our opening hours and make your own knots to represent the complexity of an experience, a problem, a feeling, a situation, a conflict. We provide mixed-media materials and invite you to use them creatively – leaving the tangled threads of your own story in the final home of the father of psychoanalysis.

All activities free with admission.

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