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10 April 2016
2-3pm - free with admission

Sigmund's Shorts: Reich Alone

Second Sunday Screenings

Join us for the third event in this new monthly series, launched in 2016 as part of our 30th anniversary celebratory programme.

Reich Alone is a talk about the infamous psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich. Reich was a star pupil of Freud’s and the first person to apply the insights of psychoanalysis to mass social movements, and the first to take a real interest in the body and how our bodies might affect psychic processes. His ventures into working with bodily energy caused a great deal of controversy. After moving to America in the 1940s, and leading a successful career, he was eventually prosecuted, imprisoned and his books burnt, making him the only scientist to have his books burnt by both the Nazis and the US Government.

Using home recordings made by Reich in the early 50s as a starting point, this talk will explore Reich’s life and work, and the controversies that surrounded him.

Dan Lowe is a teacher and trainee therapist who has been interested in Reich's work for many years.

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