The Freud Museum

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3 November 2015
7pm - doors open at 6.30pm

Every piece of dust on Freud's couch

Broomberg & Chanarin in conversation with Anouchka Grose

For their exhibition 'Every piece of dust on Freud’s couch' artists Broomberg & Chanarin hired a police forensic team to scrutinise Sigmund Freud’s iconic couch, gathering DNA samples, strands of hair and a multitude of dust particles left by his many visitors. They discuss their findings and the resulting exhibition with psychoanalyst and writer, Anouchka Grose.

'Every piece of dust on Freud’s couch' is on display at The Freud Museum from 4 October – 22 November 2015.

Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin talk to Josh Spero about their intervention at the Museum and their show at the Lisson gallery. Watch the video here >

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