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27 May 2015

Performing the Unconscious

Central Saint Martins students

Performing the Unconscious is the first ever collaboration between Central Saint Martins students and the Freud Museum, and is the culmination of a series of workshops and research stemming from the students’ relationship with Freud’s theories; their encounters within the space of the Freud Museum; as well as their interaction and response to the numerous objects to be found within the Museum.

The students’ artistic responses and explorations in relation to the context of the museum and Freud’s ideas, which take the form of primarily performance and performative works, will culminate in a one-off event on Wednesday 27 May 2015, from 6.30pm - 8.30pm at the Freud Museum.

The immense impact that Freud has had on Psychoanalytic theory and even philosophy is well known, but perhaps less widely known is the influence of Freud’s theories and writing on both artists and art theory. Fine Art students from various artistic pathways within Central Saint Martins have had the rare opportunity to both reflect and respond to this within a unique environment which was not only Freud’s family home before being turned into a museum in 1986, but is also an environment other than the conventional “white-cube” gallery space. The museum contains several of Freud’s personal belongings including his collection of antiquities from ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece, and China; collected prints; family photographs; his library of books; his desk; and the couch used during his psychoanalysis sessions with his patients.

The outcomes and responses to this project will be placed and performed throughout the entire museum and include, film, object based work, and mostly live performance - which will consist of transitory, temporal, and also durational works.

Artists: Izzy Acevedo Serna, Darae Baek, Sarah Bending, Alexandra Gribaudi, Olav Lorentzen, Paige Mckiernan, Kerry O’Connor, Soraya Rais, Fabiana Targino, Sarah-Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Walker, Howard Yang.

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