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1 July 2015 - 3 July 2015
7pm - Fully booked, waiting list available

Hilda & Freud - collected words

Promenade performance by Antonio Quinet

The Unconscious on Stage Company returns to the Museum for three nights of their hugely successful performance about the acclaimed American poet HD (Hilda Doolittle)’s analysis with Freud, on 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July.

The play is based on HD´s book Tribute to Freud, the letters she exchanged with Freud and her literary circle, as well as some of her poetry; Hilda, was forty seven years old when she met Freud, then in his late seventies, in 1930s Vienna. It was the beginning of a startling "love affair",, with exchanges of gifts, letters and flowers, within and beyond the psychoanalytical setting. During the presentation, the audience will accompany Hilda on her visit to Freud´s residence, soon after his death in London, guided by the Narrator on this tour around the house as through the chambers of her mind. During her visit Hilda revives moments of her life and analysis, which she defined as a "free verse relationship” with Freud. In a psychoanalytical, non-conventional, treatment, she works through her war traumas as well as her illuminating cosmic and oceanic epiphanies.

Hilda and Freud: Collected Words a booklet on the performance will be launched post performance on 1 July. It features an introduction by Danuza Machado and a text by Dawn Kemp. Published by Karnac Books.

Supported by the Brazilian Embassy in London

Curated by Danuza Machado
Playwright, Director and Narrator: Antonio Quinet
Performed by: Ana Vicentini
Composer, music director and performer: José Eduardo Costa e Silva
Staging and movement: Regina Miranda
Video Designer : Diogo Fujimura
Sound designer: Marcus Neves
Costumes: Beto de Abreu
Art Cosultant: Niura Bellavinha
British voice coach: Alison McGowan
Photos: Cacá Bernardes

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