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19 June 2015

Life after Fukushima - north-east Japan

Screening followed by discussion between Stephane Thibierge, Lucia Corti and Dany Nobus

Join us for a screening of 'Life after Fukushima - north-east Japan' (French with English subtitles and voiceover, colour, 16/9, 54’, 2013) followed by a discussion between the filmmaker, Stéphane Thibierge, Lucia Corti and Dany Nobus

Synopsis - a French psychoanalyst and photographer, familiar with Japan, investigates one year after March 11, 2011, the lives and daily experience of people in the devastated areas of North-East Japan.

The whole world saw at the time images of people gripped in the confusion and disarray of a huge catastrophe. What became of these men and women, and how do they live today? The news channels have almost forgotten them since 2011.

The film is a journey starting in Sendai, facing the epicentre of the quake, in the Pacific, and then passes through the port of Minamisanriku, completely destroyed, and the city of Ishinomaki, also very damaged. In this region not far from the Fukushima nuclear plant (120-150 km), the author listens to ordinary people, doctors and psychologists. What is their present like, what challenges do they face, how do they continue to live after a trauma unprecedented in nature?

The thread of the narrative is the story of a diary in the first person, punctuated by subtitled Japanese interviews. It gradually leads to a reflection on the present after Fukushima, for the Japanese as well as for us.

Stéphane Thibiergehas been a psychoanalyst in Paris since 1993, and a member of the International Lacanian Association since 1986. He is a graduate from the École Normale Supérieure, and has completed an Agrégation de philosophie and a doctoral thesis in psychopathology, which focused on misidentification syndromes, especially Frégoli's syndrome. This was published as 'Le nom, l'image, l'objet', Presses Universitaires de France, 2011. He teaches psychopathology at the University of Poitiers, and is Director of Research at University Paris-Diderot.

Stéphane lived in Japan for 3 years 1979-1982, and has had several other stays there since then.




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