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11 February 2015
7pm - FULLY BOOKED - waiting list available

EROS AND DEATH: Exploring Freud's Eros vs the Death Instinct through Life Drawing

Art Macabre Death Drawing Salon

A few days before Valentine's Day, Art Macabre and the Freud Museum London present a special collaboration on the theme of Eros and Death.

As part of the Museum's exhibition 'Freud and Eros: Love, Lust and Longing', Art Macabre presents a special life drawing salon within the museum. Sketch nude figures and create your own memento mori images, conveying visually the struggle between Eros and death, between the life force and the drive for destruction.

Explore Freud's dichotomy between Eros and the death instinct through drawing, at this evening event that will take place across the museum's rooms. Art Macabre, London's leading purveyors of life drawing with a deathly twist, facilitate an exploration of the concept of Eros through tableaux featuring nude and costumed models and skulls to be sketched, narrative and creative responses to the museum space and the exhibition.

Capture in your life drawings the idea of Eros - "the preserver of life"- interacting and counteracting the death-instinct. A unique opportunity to explore the Freud Museum, including Freud's study, after dark.



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