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22 January 2015


Freud Museum Late Opening: Poetry and Performance

Kakania is a unique celebration of the explosive intellectual and artistic culture of Habsburg Austria 100 years ago through brand new contemporary commissions from leading lights in London’s poetry and art scene.

The tumult of early 20th century Austria reshaped culture forever through the outpouring and intermingling of titanic figures like Freud, Klimt, Musil, Schnitzler, Zweig, Mahler, Wittgenstein, Schiele and many, endless others. In this night of performance, literature, poetry and art, which will wind its way through the rooms of the museum, and around the life and times of Sigmund Freud, a series of groundbreaking artists from our own tumultuous city and from across Europe, will call back against or in celebration of, a multitude of these great figures. Featuring Emily Berry, Morten Søndergaard, Damir Sodan, Colin Herd & many others. Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum and produced by the Enemies project.

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