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27 November 2014
SOLD OUT - 6.30-8.45pm

Performance Art: Love, Lust and Longing

S.A.G, Katherine Nolan, Quilla Constance and Terese Longva

Join us for an evening of performance art inspired by the exhibition 'Freud and Eros: Love, Lust and Longing'.

Single Activity Group (S.A.G) (International)

The SAG is a collective of like-minded artists who make performances together on a specific premise. Each of the artists devises their own single, work-orientated activity to repeat alongside each other for one hour in a static position.

Jack Catling, Daniella Valz Gen, Jenna Finch, Jordan McKenzie, Kate Mahony, Simon Raven, Holly Slingsby and Aaron Williamson.

The SAG’s performances reference the economic/historical phenomenon of labour-exploitation filtered through an evergreen, aesthetically acclaimed artistic trope - of minimalist-conceptual performance art redolent of the 1950s -70s. Typically, the SAG’s work is repetitive and mind numbing. The duration of one hour suggests the pay-system of repetitive labour.The ambition is to evoke, through artist’s performances, an image of a factory of operatives that doesn’t make any productive sense. To reflect the work theme, a SAG performance is un/paid by the hour.

Katherine Nolan (Ireland)

Dr. Katherine Nolan is a performance artist and lecturer at UAL, London. She is performance curator at MART, Irish Arts organization. Her practice is currently concerned with states of inhabiting the body and processes of becoming, with a particular focus on tensions between the lived and the spectacular body. The work seeks to subvert normative codifications of the body and human experience through strategies of pleasure, resistance and disruption. She has performed and exhibited internationally in Europe, America and Asia. Recent works include Supersatured at Mobius, Boston and Panoply Performance Lab, New York (2013); Peep Hole at Performing Porn, Performance Space, London (2013); Surface Attention in Stattbad, Berlin, Space, Bratislava and Molesworth Gallery, Dublin (2010). Recent curatorial practice includes What is the Body For? for Dublin Live Art Festival (2014), and the Non-Zero Sum Art Games for MART at Plataforma Revolver, Lisbon (2013).

Quilla Constance (UK)

Jennifer Allen (as Quilla Constance) will give a lecture on Freud's notion of the Oedipus Complex with reference to texts by Darian Leader, Judith Butler, Karen Horney and Natasha Walter. The event will also screen QC's spoof pop video 'VJAZZLED' and Allen's 2006 video piece 'Happy Christmas Mom and Dad' which sees Allen allegedly perform a seductive dance as a gift for her parents on Christmas day.

Terese Longva (Norway) is an interdisciplinary artist that looks at different aspects of the human condition such as: how we construct different selves in reaction to varied expectations of society and how we constantly struggle to learn our social roles and at the same time break out of them to discover the new that is constantly becoming in and around us. She explores what comes from the things you do not talk about, the unspeakable, and how is the unspeakable present in us and in society.

Her work has been shown in various venues such as; Between Sky & Sea, Bergen International Performance Festival,  PAO Festival in Oslo, Moere & Romsdal Kunstsenter in Molde, The Festival of Ephemeral Art in Sokolowsko, Poland, Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten in Cologne, Germany, and in the US: Big Orbit in Buffalo, NY, NOoSPERE Arts, Microscope Gallery, and Grace Exhibition Space all in NYC.


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