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10 May 2014

Lacan: the Unconscious Reinvented

Half-day seminar with Colette Soler

and in dialogue with Darian Leader, followed by responses from Daphne and Nestor Tamarin

Lacan’s work is often caricatured as arcane, convoluted, ‘theoretical’ and, above all, difficult. But Lacan himself engaged continually with the ideas of his contemporaries and grounded his work in analytic practice. This half-day seminar is a chance to hear from someone who knows Lacan’s work from the inside out; who has written about the body, about ‘object relations’ (and the deficiencies of the object relations approach), and of the fine texture of analytic practice. If you have been put off reading Lacan in the past, here is a chance to see what the fuss is about, in a way that relates directly to clinical work and wider issues of the world we live in.

This event coincides with the publication of Colette Soler's book 'Lacan: The Unconscious Reinvented' (Karnac Books)

Colette Soler - Psychoanalyst, Founder Member of the Ecole de Psychanalyse des Forums du Champ Lacanien. Her books include 'What Lacan said about women' (Other Press, 2006) and 'Lacanian Affects' (Routledge, 2014).

Darian Leader - British psychoanalyst and author. He is a founding member of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research (CFAR), President of the College of Psychoanalysts, a Trustee of the Freud Museum, and Honorary Visiting Professor in Psychoanalysis at Roehampton University.

Discussants - Daphne and Nestor Tamarin (Psychiatrists and analysts practising in London and Canterbury, and members of the Ecole de psychanalyse des forums du champ lacanien.)

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