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27 March 2014

The Examined Life

David Aaronovitch in conversation with Stephen Grosz

David Aaronovitch talks to psychoanalyst and author Stephen Grosz about his book The Examined Life: How We Lose and Find Ourselves (Vintage).

‘Experience has taught me that our childhoods leave in us stories – stories we never found a way to voice, because no one around us helped us to find the words. When we cannot find a way of telling our story, our story tells us – we dream these stories, we develop symptoms, or we find ourselves acting in ways we don’t understand.’ --The Examined Life

Stephen Grosz is a practicing psychoanalyst--he has worked with patients for more than twenty-five years. Born in America, educated at the University of California, Berkeley, and at Oxford University, he lives in London. The Examined Life has been translated into more than twenty languages and it has been longlisted for the Guardian First Book Award.

David Aaronovitch is a writer, broadcaster and commentator on culture, international affairs, politics and the media. He is a columnist for The Times. He has previously written for The Independent, The Guardian and The Observer, winning numerous awards, including Columnist of the Year 2003 and the 2001 Orwell prize for journalism. He is the author of Paddling to Jerusalem, which won the Madoc Prize for travel writing, and, more recently, Voodoo Histories, a book on the history and attraction of conspiracy theories.

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