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25 June 2013

'Totem and Taboo' Re-visited

Freud's Theory of the Origin of Human Society

The Freud Museum opens its celebration of the centenary of one of Freud's most incendiary works with an introductory talk by Keith Barrett BA PhD.

This talk will set out clearly the most important ideas and arguments in each of the four sections of Totem and Taboo, placing the work in the context of the development of Freud's thinking up to 1913, and explaining the role of its composition in his dispute with Carl Jung over the foundations of psychoanalysis. Dr Barrett will also trace the reverberations of Totem and Taboo in Freud's later writings and consider the way it was taken up - or rejected - by later psychoanalysts and thinkers generally.

Having received his PhD from the Wellcome Centre for the History of Medicine at University College London, Dr Barrett specialises in both philosophy and psychoanalysis and has taught at several leading institutions, including Imperial College and Birkbeck College.

The celebrations continue 5-7 July 2013, with the Totemic Festival. A weekend of performance, screening and lectures.


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