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31 January 2009


Saturday 31 January 2009 9.30 – 5pm

at the Anna Freud Centre, 12-14 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3

In the early 1900s the psychoanalyst-anarchist Otto Gross was advocating ‘free love’ and new kinds of relationships between men and women. This conference addressed the utopian vision of ‘sexual revolution’, examining issues of sex, gender, race and the body, and asks whether sexual emancipation is indeed possible.

Prof. David Bennett, University of Melbourne
Sex and Revolution : A Brief History

Prof. Andrew Samuels, London.
Professor of Analytical Psychology, Universities of Essex, and
Training Analyst, Society of Analytical Psychology
Promiscuities: Social, Sexual and Spiritual Dimensions
(and a Word on Hypocrisy).

Prof. Susie Orbach, London.
Writer and psychoanalyst
Sexual Liberation: Where have we got to?
in conversation with Brett Kahr (writer and psychotherapist)

Prof. Sander Gilman, U.S.
Professor of Psychiatry, Emory University
Kafka, Sex and the Jews.

Dr. Gottfried Heuer, London.
Jungian Training Psychoanalyst and Supervisor in private practice,
Co-Founder and Chair of the International Otto Gross Society
“The Sacredness of Love”: Otto Gross’ Concept of Relationship Today.

Birgit Heuer, Ph.D.cand., London.
Jungian Analyst in private practice
Healing Relationships: The Art and Science of Forgiveness.


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