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1 June 2003


A multidisciplinary one-day conference

Tissues are part of the furniture in every therapist’s consulting room. And your manners and training teach you how to point to them and say “There are some tissues if you wish”. But do you know what those tears might mean, and what to do after pointing?

This Conference examined the rarely discussed subject of crying and weeping. Distinguished speakers from diverse disciplines looked at the meaning of tears within the therapeutic space and beyond it, in ordinary development and ordinary life.

Contributors included:

Ad Vingerhoets
Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Tilburg. Co-editor of Adult Crying: A Biopsychosocial Approach (2003)

Tom Lutz
Author of American Nervousness (1991) and the highly accclaimed Crying: A Natural and Cultural History of Tears (1999).

Jon Savage
Pop Historian and cultural analyst, author of England’s Dreaming, the definitive book on Punk rock; currently working on a history of adolescence.

Kalu Singh
Student Counsellor at Cambridge University Counselling Service and author of Guilt (2000) and Sublimation (2001)

Ruthie Smith
Senior psychoanalytic psychotherapist in the NHS and at the Women’s Therapy Centre.

Lisa Watts
Video artist who has explored issues of empathy, body, and emotion in women’s tears.  

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