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28 February 2012

'Hysteria, heredity and anti-Semitism: Freud's challenge to the Jewish stereotype'

A Talk by Estelle Roith

A podcast is available for this event on our iTunes page.


Estelle Roith is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and trained at the London Centre for psychotherapy. She is the author of the of The Riddle of Freud: Jewish influences on his theory of female sexuality published in 1987, in the New Library of Psychoanalysis. Her recent work includes: Ishmael and Isaac: An Enduring Conflict, in Sibling Relationships'by Coles, 2006,

Dr. Roith is currently working on a study that proposes that significant events in Freud's time, overlooked until now, have been an important influence in his life and in the development of psychoanalysis.

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