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5 March 2011

Nina Coltart and 'Independent Psychoanalysis'

Day Conference

at the Anna Freud Centre, London NW3

Nina Coltart has been called the most independent of the 'Independent' psychoanalysts. This conference honours her work, her writing and the breadth of her interests. She wrote in language "devoid of jargon, dogma, or pretentiousnes" and used concepts and thinkers from philosophy and literature to illuminate her writing and thought (Brafman). Love, religion, grief, the psychoanalytic relationship, morality, culture, the silent patient, and the body - including that of the therapist, who sits all day - are some of the many areas she explored. She lectured widely, traveling to the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, and Israel.

Coltart was a neo-Freudian and a Buddhist and theorized that there are distinct similarities in the transformation of the self that occurs in both psychoanalysis and Buddhism. She contributed to the Freud Museum book Is Psychoanalysis Another Religion in 1993 and to the conference Religion and Psychoanalysis in 1996, a year before her death.

Coltart was Director of the London Clinic of Psychoanalysis for ten years and Vice President of the British Psychoanalytical Society. She wrote two highly acclaimed and widely read books of essays. Slouching Towards Bethlehem (1992) and  The Baby and the Bathwater (1996), and her 'self-help' book for psychotherapists , How to Survive as a Psychotherapist (1993)

Conference Programme


Nina Coltart: "Faith" and "Survival"

Gillian Preston (Sway) --
My Sister, Nina Coltart

Sara Boffito (Milan)
In Nina Coltart's Garden: Gathering and Intertwining Some Thoughts of an Independent Psychoanalyst

Peter L. Rudnytsky

Discussion with the audience


Peter L. Rudnytsky (Gainesville)
In Praise of Nina Coltart

Abrahao Brafman (London)
Nina Coltart, Friend and Colleague

Discussion with the audience


What Does It Mean to Be an "Independent" Analyst?:
An Interactive Round Table Featuring Established and Newer Voices from England and Italy

Franco Borgogno (Turin),
Lesley Caldwell (London),
Patrick Casement (London),
Steven Groarke (London);
moderated by Peter L. Rudnytsky

followed by Discussion with the audience

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