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30 October 2010


Day Conference and Evening Discussion

At the Anna Freud Centre, 12 Maresfield Gardens, NW3 5SU

This important conference brings together psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, academics, writers, producers and presenters, to interrogate the psychology and ethics of TV in the modern world. Still the most common form in which images and narratives are transmitted, how does TV function intrapsychically and inter-personally and what is its importance for psychotherapy?

FRIDAY 29TH OCTOBER 7.00 – 8.30pm

Opening Discussion at The Anna Freud Centre
Valerie Sinason in discussion with Laurence Marks (TV comedy script writer)
Chair: Candida Yates

Laurence Marks is a Bafta award winning writer and producer of shows and plays for stage and screen; he is well known for his collaborative writing work with Maurice Gran. His TV work includes a number of highly successful comedy sitcoms, including: Shine on Harvey Moon (1982), Birds of a Feather (1989-1998), The New Statesman (1987-1992), Goodnight Sweetheart (1993-99) and Love Hurts (1992-94). He has also written for the theatre, including the acclaimed play Dr. Freud Will See You Now Mrs. Hitler (BBC Radio 4, and Tricycle Theatre, 2007) and the West End Musical Dreamboats and Petticoats (nominated for a Lawrence Olivier Award for ‘Best New Musical’, 2010).

8.30-9.30 Drinks Reception at the Freud Museum – everybody welcome

SATURDAY 30TH OCTOBER 9.30am - 5.00pm

Speakers and Panels

Candida Yates (Introduction)
‘Staging the Debate: Remote Control: Television, Media and the Inner World’

Panel 1: Television from both sides of the couch
How does TV culture infiltrate the therapeutic space, and how is psychotherapy represented on TV?
Brett Kahr: Television as Rorschach
Caroline Bainbridge
: Psychotherapy on the Couch: Exploring the Fantasies of In Treatment
Chair and respondent: Dan Chambers (Independent producer and former Director of Programmes, Ch5))

Panel 2: Ethics and Therapy on TV
The ethical dilemmas of putting real lives on TV
Richard McKerrow (producer) discusses his documentary about the psychological effects of the Marchioness disaster;
Oliver James discusses his TV programmes including Under Fives; Room 113 and Men on Violence.
Chair and respondent: Valerie Sinason (Psychoanalyst)

Panel 3: Watercooler Moments: TV as Transitional Object
TV offers the possibility of shared cultural experiences. Does it also have therapeutic potential?
Tom Sutcliffe (presenter and journalist)
Sue Vice (Professor of English)
Carol Leader (psychotherapist; former presenter and actor)
Chair and respondent: Sara Ramsden (Consultant executive producer for the BBC)

Roundtable discussion
Barry Richards – summary and reflections with speakers from the day

This conference is organised in conjunction with Media and the Inner World

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