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9 November 1996 - 10 November 1996

Communicating Winnicott

As part of the celebrations of the centenary of the birth of Donald Woods Winnicott, The Freud Museum, in collaboration with The Squiggle Foundation, organised a two-day conference at the French Institute, London in November 1996, attended by an international audience of more than 300 participants.

The Squiggle Foundation has worked for the past 20 years to communicate, through seminars, lectures and publications on the work and and enduring influence of D W Winnicott, formerly President of the British Psychoanalytical Society, an a leading figure of the "Independent" tradition in British psychoanalysis.

The Museum was delighted to work alongside Nina Farhi, Director Emeritus of The Squiggle Foundation, and the new Director Jan Abram on this major international event.

Conference Report

The international panel of speakers addressed, each in their own way, the theme of communication, so central to Winnicott's conception of psychoanalysis:

Dr F. Robert Rodman (USA) Winnicott and Freud

Jan Abram (UK) Squiggles, clowns and Catherine wheels: Violation of the self and its vicissitudes

Dr Kenneth Wright (UK) Creativity and dialogue

John Fielding (UK) 'Mother, this is not enough': Beckett's 'Footfalls' and Winnicott's mothers

Dr Michel Gribinski (France) The furtive object

Dr Jean-Claude Rolland (France) Winnicott as a Romantic

The Journal of The Squiggle Foundation hopes to publish these papers in a special edition.

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