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29 September 2010

Dr Freud's Cabaret - SOLD OUT

An evening of music from the upcoming theatre show


Charlotte Greig and Anthony Reynolds present a set of songs from their upcoming musical theatre show Dr Freud’s Cabaret. The songs are in the voices of Freud’s early patients: for example, Anna O, Dora, The Wolf Man, the Rat Man and Little Hans, on whom he based his concept of the Oedipus Complex.

The songs convey the experience of the patients in a sympathetic, moving way. They also show how revolutionary Freud’s idea of actually listening closely to his patients was, and how he tried to remove the stigma of mental illness, showing it to be linked, in many cases, to creativity, sensitivity, and intelligence.

Charlotte and Anthony will sing the songs, as solos and duets, accompanying themselves on piano, guitar, and clarinet. There will be a short question and answer session after the concert.

This promises to be an entertaining and thought-provoking evening.

Dr Freud's Cabaret will be showing at The Chapter Arts Centre Theatre, Cardiff on the 1st and 2nd of December 2010.

Charlotte Greig is a writer and musician. She has made five innovative albums of original and traditional folk music. She is also the author of an internationally acclaimed novel, 'A Girl's Guide to Modern European Philosophy’ . Her last stage play 'I Sing of a Maiden' toured in 2007. She has recently written two plays broadcast on Radio 4, 'The Confessions', and 'Against the Grain'.

Anthony Reynolds is a Welsh born singer/songwriter/performer who has released eight critically acclaimed albums. He has collaborated with many European musicians, and in 2000 sang with the Moscow Philharmonic. Other collaborations include works with the novelist Dan Fante, the writer Colin Wilson, and folk legend Vashti Bunyan. In 2009 he joined the live production of ‘And What Exactly is a Joke’, an interpretation of the songs of Syd Barratt. Anthony has also published several books of poems and 3 biographies.

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