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14 September 2010


Film Showing and Director's Talk

The Freud Museum London is pleased to announce the showing of ‘1919’, introduced by the film’s director Hugh Brody in conversation with psychoanalyst and film expert Andrea Sabbadini, with questions and answers post showing.

'1919’ (1985) is an ambitious and fascinating film about Sophie Rubin and Alexander Scherbatov, supposedly the last surviving patients of Sigmund Freud. Hugh Brody, who is the film's director and co-writer, and Michael Ignatieff created characters based on two of Freud's case histories, invented names for them and set them in Vienna in 1970.

Sophie Rubin (Maria Schell), returns to Vienna from exile in the US to find Alexander Scherbatov (Paul Schofield), a White Russian aristocrat. They are the last surviving patients of Sigmund Freud. Together, they dredge up their memories of 1919, mapping out their confessions on the couch and the impact of Nazism on their lives. Did Dr Freud help them, or hurt them? Was their unhappiness the result of their personal histories, or the turbulent age in which they lived?

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