The Freud Museum

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17 June 2010 - 18 June 2010
11am - 3pm

Dream Weaving Workshop 2

Community tapestry project for everyone and their dreams...

Would you like to:

       ...escape from your hectic London life with an unconventional inner city retreat?
        ...learn a new skill?
        ...produce a creative work of art? new people?
        ...capture forgotton memories?
        ...release your dreams?

At our Freud Museum two-day tapestry workshops with artist Melanie at the Camden inspiration Market on Leather Lane, these dreams can come true!

Produce a tapestry to be displayed at the Freud Museum and another for you to take home too if you like! The calm process of weaving and talking and remembering offers us all sorts of hidden treasures unreachable in daily life - come and experience for yourself!

Venue Details
Camden Inspiration Market,
56-58 Leather Lane,


Visit their website for more information.
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