The Freud Museum

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23 June 2010
7.00 - 9.00pm

Round Table

Discussion of Santiago Borja's exhibition

To accompany Santiago Borja's exhibition, Divan: Free Floating Attention Piece we will be holding a Round Table with Jean-Michel Rabaté (University of Pennsylvania), Conor Carville (Reading University) and Santiago Borja to discuss different issues which will expand the scope of the piece.  The discussion will be chaired by Catalina Lozano, curator of the exhibition.

Mr. Rabaté will talk of the imaginary universe surrounding the couch and the tapestries, ranging from Holbein's painting of the Ambassadors, to Benjamin's Arcade project, to Freud's interest in ancient cultures etc.

Conor Carville will make a reading on the piece, and will establish some links with Antonin Artaud's travel to Mexico in the 30's.

Following the lectures, there will be a round table discussion between Mr. Rabaté, Conor Carville, Catalina Lozano and Santiago Borja to round up the project and answer questions by the public.

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